Conduct Guidelines

Conduct Guidelines

UBII By-Law 1 – Amended 2013 & 2014

UBII Membership Fees Policy for 2013 and beyond as approved at AGM


“Members are responsible for the conduct of their families and guests while on the Corporation’s property. Prohibited behaviours and activities on the Corporation’s property include those defined by the City of Waterloo’s Recreation and Leisure Behaviour Management Policy – 2009 section 8.3 part ii as set out in the list attached as Schedule B hereto. All posted rules, opening hours, schedules, sign-up lists and the instructions of the Corporation’s lifeguards and staff must be observed. “ – UBII By-Law Section 17

Schedule “B”
Behaviour and activities that obstruct or hinder the rights of others to use and enjoy UBII facilities or compromises the safety of others is unacceptable and prohibited. Inappropriate behaviour and activities for the purpose of this policy includes, but is not limited to, the following:
a) Aggressive or intimidating verbal assaults;
b) Threats and/or attempts to intimidate;
c) Deliberate throwing of articles in an aggressive disruptive manner;
d) Actual or attempted physical assaults of another person;
e) Attempts to goad or incite violence in others;
f) Theft of property;
g) Possession of weapons;
h) Vandalism to buildings, structures or property owned or leased through UBII;
i) Refusal to follow all other related UBII Policies/Procedures/By-Laws; Regional, Provincial or Federal Statutes;
j) Intoxication, being under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
k) Conduct that is known to be unwelcome as defined by the Ontario Human Rights Code. This may include the wearing of attire, the displaying of material or the use of language that is intolerant of human rights;
l) Use of profanity or obscene language in contravention of UBII by-laws or policies;
m) Causing unsanitary conditions (i.e. chewing tobacco, expulsion of bodily fluids etc.);
n) Blocking thoroughfares/corridors/stairways/exits;
o) Engaging in horseplay or sexual activity;
p) The use of all cell phones, cameras, pda’s and all electronic equipment with photographic abilities in change rooms and public washrooms
q) Unauthorized entry of the office, pump room or other normally or temporarily off-limits areas;
r) Attempting to resolve disagreements with the lifeguards or staff directly instead of immediately referring the issue(s) to the UBII executive for resolution;
s) Meeting with, visiting with or otherwise distracting or interfering with lifeguards or staff at any time during their work shift anywhere on the property;
t) Denigrating, talking down to, raising one’s voice in anger, or otherwise failing to treat with respect and dignity any and all lifeguards, staff, members, associates and/or guests.

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