Upper Beechwood II Homes Association

The best place in Waterloo
‘Our time in UB2 has been filled with memories of good neighbours and friends; toddlers becoming teens, and finally parents themselves. It is a great place to raise a family – we have been blessed. Wishing all blessings for the future!’
– Jerry Levitt, proud UBII member for 28 years



Join as an Associate

We have sold out of Associate memberships for the 2022 season. Interested families can still join the waitlist in case a spot opens up. Please email out Associates Coordinator (contact info below).

Associates enjoy all the same privileges as neighbourhood members, so even if you don’t live in the UBII neighbourhood, join in for the best value in summer fun in Waterloo.

The UBII pool and tennis courts on Leighland Drive in Upper Beechwood has a limited number of spots available for new associates to join each year.

We offer the largest private pool in the area, a staff of nine lifeguards, tennis courts as well as basketball (most days) and volleyball (when scheduled).

Families can take advantage of summer swimming and tennis lessons plus organized activities for the kids. Adults have dedicated swim times.

For more information, contact our Associates Coordinator Steve Geidlinger at steve@steviegrealty.com


Your UBII Homes Association exists to foster a welcoming environment for all of our residents by promoting community activities, maintaining our rec centre, and addressing municipal affairs. Our regular membership area includes 220 Members and 80 Associates. The homes in our association are on the following streets. Associates are from other areas in the region.

Amberwood Dr, Beckwith Ct, Brynhurst Blvd, Knightsbridge Ct, Claywood Ct, Ennismore Pl, Thornlea Ct, Beechwood Dr. (East Side 6 only), Carrington Pl, Strathmere Cres, Sandbrooke Ct, Leighland Dr

If you have purchased your home in the past year, please make sure that we have your name and address correct for our records. We have a complete members list at the pool, so you can confirm or correct information as necessary by dropping by.

Read about Conduct Guidelines and Health & Safety

Let’s work together to keep our neighbourhood safe and enjoyable for everyone!

UBII BY-LAW NO. 1 Amended 2013, 2014 and 2022

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